Company History – 17 years ago, from my early days of Custom Club Fitting in Central London it had always been my dream to open a store where my customers would only be recommended the very best equipment to suit their games and that straight up honest advice would always prevail over incentives and commission based schemes designed to generate additional profit for company fat cats at the expense of the golfer..

Dream became reality in 2010 when Custom Lab Golf opened its doors to all golfers seeking improvement in their games and has steadily grown a loyal customer base through going the extra mile for our clients. Our customers range from complete beginners all the way through to tour professionals who all share in one common goal, to lower their scores.

Through the success of the results on course by our customers the business has grown considerably. We have been able to expand our product range extensively and now stock most major brands and have over 15,000+ fitting combinations available for you to test on the Driving Range.