Player Safety

  • If you arrive in Hitchin before your specified fitting session start time please remain outside the gym building until we let you in.
  • Sadly we won’t be able to shake hands when we meet.
  • They’ll be hand sanitiser upon entry to the gym that you’ll be required to use.
  • On the day, if you have any symptoms such as dry cough, sore throat, high temperature, change in taste or smell or any shortness of breath we will not be able to carry out the session and will need to rebook.
  • All grips and heads used in the previous session will be cleaned prior to your fitting session using antibacterial / alcohol wipes.
  • We will only be allowing a maximum two people in the studio at any one time whilst carrying out fitting sessions and this includes your fitter so sadly you won’t be able to bring anyone along with you until further notice.
  • During the session the player will be required to stay on the hitting mat unless otherwise instructed or if of course they would like to visit the bathroom.
  • It’s important that throughout the session the player only handles the grip of the club and does not touch the head or shaft of the club.
  • If the player would like to see the head of the club he or she is hitting please request your fitter to show you the head before taking hold of the grip end of the club.
  • If the player needs to cough or sneeze please do so whilst covering your face.
  • If you would like to wear a face mask during your session you will be more than welcome to do so however this apparatus would need to be supplied by you.

Your Club Fitter

  • All fitters will wash their hands before and after each session plus during the session if required.
  • Fitters will only be able to accommodate your session on the day if they do NOT have any of the following symptoms: dry cough, sore throat, high temperature, change in taste or smell or any shortness of breath.
  • During the session the fitter will be required to build and adjust various clubs for you. They will only ever handle the head or shaft of the club and when handing you the fitting clubs to hit please take them and hold them by the grip / handle only.
  • The fitter will always stay 2m away from the hitting mat. Should they need to come closer you will be asked to step off the hitting mat.
  • The fitter will regularly and thoroughly clean any items that come into regular contact such as door handles, card machine etc.
  • Under company policy the fitter will not be required to wear a face mask, face visor or gloves however should the client request this, the fitter will be able to do so without question.