Following your Hand Built Clubs Custom Fitting Session we will know the EXACT specifications needed to build your perfect golf clubs . On selective brands we supply we offer a bespoke club building service. This ensures that your clubs are built to a PGA Tour Quality Level. At only £15 per club. We believe that if the results from your fitting say that your 7 iron loft needs to be 32 degrees, the lie angle needs to be 62.5 degrees, the swing weight should be D3 then that is EXACTLY what you will get. No exceptions! Golf Clubs that are built in house will always get the full VIP treatment.
In this era of mass produced ‘everything’ some of the tolerance levels deemed acceptable by some main stream brands are surprising to say the least! We’ve tested products from virtually all PGA Tour Proven brands to find shafts that say ‘Regular Flex’ are in fact playing as a ‘Ladies Flex’?! Driver heads that are marked 10.5 degrees are actually 12 degrees etc etc. That’s why every single custom built golf club that is purchased through Custom Lab Golf that is built outside our own Build Room is tested upon arrival at the store to insure it is exactly what has been ordered. If it’s not, it goes back. All Golf Clubs fitted and built by us carry our ‘60 Day Performance Guarantee’