Our Fitting Process

Pre-Fitting to Warming Up

Once you have booked your session at Custom Lab you will receive an email with a questionnaire about your current golf game and equipment. This will only take a few minutes to fill in but will give our team an invaluable insight into your game, the courses you play and what you are looking to achieve with a potential equipment change.

Upon booking you will also receive a confirmation email containing details specific to the venue you are visiting. This will include which clubs you are required to bring on the day relevant to your session type.  You will also receive a payment link to pay for your session and confirm your attendance. You will receive an email reminder 48 hours prior to your session followed by a text reminder 24 hours before.

It’s worth knowing that the grips on our fitting shafts are Iomic Sticky 2.3 for irons & wedges and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360’s on the utility’s, hybrids, and all metal woods. With the irons, the standard-length shafts have standard size 60R thickness grips and the shafts at +0.5” and +1” over standard are fitted with Iomic midsize grips. Fitting shafts for irons at minus ½” also have standard size 60R grips.

When you arrive, you will be met by your fitter whereby you will have time to loosen up and hit a few shots if you haven’t done so already. If you do decide to hit balls before your session we recommend you hit no more than 30 – 40 balls as you will be hitting quite few shots regardless of your session type.

Whilst warming up we start to elaborate on your fitting questionnaire to further understand your game and ask any relevant questions that may have arisen. This allows us to gain the deepest possible understanding of your objectives along with your swing traits and shot tendencies. This information will empower us to provide you with the most optimal outcome possible.

Before you fitting, we will take some baseline stats from your existing equipment and checking current parameters such as loft, lie, length and swing weight.

The Fitting

First, we’ll gather some ball and club data from the GC Quad whilst you hit your own clubs to better understand the performance and numbers you are currently getting. Simultaneously we will be building a clear picture of your golf swing including loading and release patterns.

The GC Quad data serves two critical purposes. Firstly, we get all the hard data about how your existing clubs perform regarding launch, spin, and distance.  Secondly it provides critical information about clubhead delivery such lie angle, impact loft and club head path.

Your fitter will talk you through these numbers and findings with you and discuss your most required parameters that you are looking to improve. This is also a great chance to understand what the data shows about your current game and where improvements can be made. For those technically minded this can be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding. Throughout the session, please feel free to ask any questions regarding the data as we will always be happy to share the knowledge.

Rather than taking static measurements we prefer to take more dynamic measurements in our fittings.

For Driver and Iron Fittings we will start with one club head we believe would be a good option for you and of course, this can be changed at any point if either you or your fitter decide there is a better option based on the numbers or feedback from the player but at this stage we will be primarily focused on finding an optimal shaft bend profile, length, weight and flex.

Sticking with this one head whilst getting all the other details aligned allows us to see exactly how each recommended shaft performs and in turn get that ideal set up established. Focusing on one component at a time ensures a clinical approach and outcome to your session.

Once the optimal set-up and shaft has been achieved, we will then experiment with other suitable club heads using the chosen shaft all set up to mirror each other’s specifications entirely and then finally run a comparison of those individually optimised clubs. Typically what is required is pretty clear at this stage but should it be deemed necessary by us or requested by you we can go back and hit the top two or three.

Once a decision has been agreed we will look at grip type and size and once again in the final build we always accommodate for any change in club swing weight brought about by a change in either grip type, size, or both to ensure the clubs that find their way into your bag are the same as demo club you hit in the studio.

After your fitting you will be provided with a full specification sheet as well as quote for your potential orders.  Orders can be placed by either paying in full or splitting in two 50% payments, one on order and one on collection.

Build and Order Stage

If you have decided to make an equipment purchase, then thank you for your business, it is a lovely feeling having new clubs on route. Upon ordering can expect to receive an order confirmation and ETA the same day.

Once your order has been completed you will be called by a member of our office team to arrange either delivery or collection.

Post Fitting

Within the first 2 weeks of collecting your order thing don’t feel quite right then please contact the office and we can arrange a complimentary assessment.  If both you and the fitter feel as though something needs adjusting, we can discuss next steps based on your ordering parameters.  This could mean if it was an OEM build not checked by us your order would have to go back to manufacturer.

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