Custom Lab Golf



Junior players need special attention to ensure they are playing with well fitted clubs throughout their youth. The fitting service for juniors rests on the level of the player and will range from a simple height measurement then going onto the GC QUAD Launch Monitor. We realise that keeping the youngsters in the right size clubs can be costly as the set will likely need changing every 18 months.

Our retro fitting service is particularly helpful and cost effective for junior golfers as whilst they progress changing length and flex of shaft is a good way of optimising club performance without buying a whole new set.


We are proud to be able to accommodate the full range of senior golfer through our custom fitting.  Whether it’s a player who’s lost flexibility and needing to regain some distance lost to the player looking to maintain or improve on their current level.  Our advanced wedge fitting service can greatly assist many senior golfers who have lost distance by helping to optimize the short game they rely on.

Men’s & Ladies

Due to our unique fitting system, we can accommodate every level of golfer.  Whether your are new to the game, wanting a little more consistency or looking at lowering your handicap we can use our experience and expertise to get you to your desired goal.  We stock a varying range of product from all major manufacturers and shaft suppliers to suit all swings and all abilities.

Elite Golfers

For aspiring professionals to low single figure players, we are also able to offer a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your club and ball data.  Making the smallest of adjustment can have big impacts on your game at this level and our ability and experience can help extrapolate every last bit of performance out of your equipment.

our fitting process