Why Hand Built?

We have always believed that the prescribed specifications of your new or retro-fit golf clubs following your fitting session should be built exactly to that specification.

To us, exact specifications means that if your 7-iron loft needs to be 33 degrees with a lie angle of 62.5 degrees and the swing weight at D3 then that is precisely what you will receive. No exceptions! Golf clubs built by us always get the full VIP treatment.

Our Master Club Builders have a combined 50 years of club building experience and have built golf clubs for some of the best players in the world. We currently have two world class build centres within our business. One based at PutterLab in Bedfordshire and the other at Brocton Hall Golf Club in Staffordshire.

We believe having hand-built clubs gives every golfer that bespoke Tour experience of having their clubs made exactly the way they want them.

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