Retro / Shaft Fitting and Gapping Sessions

Feel free to browse through our many session types and prices. These are all shown below to help establish which one may suit you best or alternatively feel free to reach out to us on the phone where we will be able guide you into the session or sessions types that will benefit you the most.

We charge a £15 per club fee as we hand build all orders. Offers available when purchase 10 clubs or more, please ask your fitter for further information.

**Excludes all PING orders


Full Bag Retro Fitting (excluding putter) £120.00 / 150 mins (2 hrs 30 mins)

Driver & Irons £85.00 / 90 mins (1hr 30mins)

Driver £50.00 60 mins (1 hour)

Irons £50.00 / 60 mins (1 hour)

Dynamic Loft, Lie and Adjust Session £45.00 / 60mins

Advanced Gapping Session £70.00 / 90 mins

Retro Top of Bag £100.00 / 90 mins

Golf Ball Fitting £30.00 / 60 mins

Complimentary Club Analysis £0.00 / 60 mins



Junior players need special attention to ensure they are playing with well fitted clubs throughout their youth. The fitting service for juniors rests on the level of the player and will range from a simple height measurement then going  onto the QUAD Launch Monitor. We realise that keeping the youngsters in the right size clubs can be costly as the set will likely need changing every 18 months.

“We offer a non profit service of putting parents in contact with each other to sell used junior clubs privately along with making sure they are suitable for the new player” that’s gotta come out!


Senior players by enlarge desire regaining some of the distance they have perhaps lost and why not! There is zero doubt that gaining that extra yardage from the tee and your longest club hitting club that you hit consistently from the fairway are hugely important in the perfect bag for a senior player who is likely not to have the speed and power of yesteryear. It’s just a fact of life. It also needs to be noted that a senior golfer in the scenario above will likely more heavily rely on his wedges to make pars and needless to say the flat stick! How many elders have you seen or played alongside that knock putts in for fun?! This is clearly an area that needs careful consideration when selecting your weapons of choice.

“Obviously there are many others factors that need to addressed to find the perfect fit but we specialise in getting mature golfers further down the fairway and hitting more greens in regulation” – take out 

10 – 20 Handicaps 

You guys & girls are getting ever closer to the magical and much sought after single figure handicap mark. During this time a transition into the next level of equipment type is commonly required. Club head speeds may have been increasing or perhaps a swing change in your path of development. Gaining that extra consistency has never been more important. At Custom Lab Golf we will arm you with the equipment to compliment the task at hand. Lower scores and even more enjoyment from the game.

20+ Handicaps  

The fact that you are on our site reading this you are clearly keen to take your game to the next level. Whilst your shots and scores may be a little inconsistent at this time a correctly fitted set of clubs will seriously benefit your golfing future and will make a marked difference to how quickly your handicap comes down. Correctly fitted equipment will naturally help develop good swing traits. Does it sound good?


Data shows that ladies keep their golf clubs for 3 times the length of the average male so remember the section about not wasting time! Best get yourself the correct set ladies or you’ll be playing with the wrong kit for quite a while… We hold a super range of ladies equipment in demo heads and shafts so we are sure to be able to partner you with the perfect equipment to compliment your swing characteristics helping your game to flourish.

Elite Golfers 

Single figure handicaps, low single digit amateurs and professional golfers – Having achieved an aspirational level of golf firstly we commend you. No doubt you have celebrated your success within the game but chances are you won’t rest on your laurels for long. Whether you’re an 8 handicapper on a mission to 4 or a +1 striving for +3 any edge possible should be embraced. This is the game at its toughest but also the most rewarding. The margins for error are slight. Fine tuned equipment is an absolute must to achieve the summit of your potential. We will ensure you are partnered with the best possible golf clubs to get you to where you are headed.

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