Pre-Fitting Quote

Once your session is booked with us, should you wish to trade in your existing clubs against the potential purchase of your new ones then we will provide you with a pre-fitting quote to give you a clear picture of what your clubs are worth.

Our Trade-In Process

By the time you arrive for your session we will have received your quote for the value of your existing clubs that you are looking to trade in. After your session we will confirm whether we believe the club’s overall condition has been accurately allocated to the rating system of which we have listed below. The final decision will remain in our hands but this quick final check endeavours to avoid any surprise responses upon their arrival to us.

Should we deem the original club rating to be incorrect we will contact you to settle any small outstanding balance there may be, but this is a very infrequent scenario.

If you decide to trade in your clubs as planned, then you will be able to keep playing with your existing clubs until your new ones are built and ready for the course.

Trade-In Terms & Conditions

Do you have some dusty, unwanted clubs in the garage that you need to get rid of?

Do you want to purchase some new clubs or would just like to add some INSTORE credit?

Contact us via our enquiry form below to help value your clubs and give you the best possible price.

You will receive your quote within 48 hours of your enquiry. We may need to gather more information about your trade-in and gather some images via email.

Once we have agreed the price, we will arrange a collection of your clubs.

You will receive credit for your clubs less the cost of postage £9.99 and will be free to use this credit against new products.


10 – BRAND NEW, never used and still in wrapper

9 – New and unused but not in wrapper, Clubs rated 9 have still not hit a golf ball. There will be no marks on the club, if there are then then it will not qualify.

– Very minimal use, 4 rounds max. Clubs rated 8 will have only been hit a few times or played a maximum of 4 rounds of golf or minimal testing at the driving range. If there are any strike marks at all on the head, they will be barely visible and on the face. Strike marks anywhere else on the club will mean it does not qualify.  If there are any wear marks at all on the shaft, then this will not qualify, and grips are to be like new.

7 – Well used, shows signs of wear with no damage.  Drivers will have no scratches, sky marks or chips to the paintwork and the face will be in good condition. If there are any sky marks, no matter how light on the top edge of the head clubs do not qualify.

Irons will have signs of use but no wear to the face and no significant marks or chips anywhere else.

Graphite shafts will have no damage and no evidence of wear or rubbing. Any wear or rubbing on the shaft means that this club will not qualify. All ferules should be intact and undamaged.

Steel shafts any marks will be very light and there are no signs damage to the outer or protective chrome layer, or any signs of pitting (black specks showing on the shaft where the chrome has been compromised).

Grips will not have any splits, wear marks or be shiny in appearance. They will still have a tacky feel to them and have a full season’s life in them before they need replacing.

– Very well used with cosmetic damage. Head and face

Drivers may have 1 or 2 light sky marks or small scratches resulting from normal wear and tear (not noticeable at address). There will be no heavy sky marks, significant scratching, dents, or paint touch ups.

Irons might have 1 or 2 stone chips on the leading edge or sole (but not overlapping onto the face of the club) as well as other signs from normal wear and tear.

Graphite shafts might have minor wear marks where the club has rubbed against the bag. This will be cosmetic and will not have gone through any graphite layers. If you can feel an indentation on the area affected, then the club will not be accepted.

Steel shafts the stickers will be starting to fray and there may be some minor wear marks. These will have not worn through the outer or chrome protective layer. There will be no pitting (black specks showing on the shaft where the chrome has been compromised) and all ferules should be intact and undamaged.

Grips will not have any splits, wear marks or be shiny in appearance due to age and should have at least 6 months life left in them.

5 & Under – We do not trade in.  If we deem there to be too damage or wear and tear on the clubface, shaft or grip we will not trade these items in.

Terms & Conditions

1. Trade-in’s only available in UK

2. Quote is deemed valid for 5 days and is at Custom Lab Golf’s discretion (quotes may be adjusted if additional damage is caused whilst waiting for new equipment)

3. Clubs must be returned with 7 working days or at point of collection when trading in against an order.

4. All trade-in credit must be used within one transaction

5. Incorrectly graded clubs will the rectified once received and you will be notified.

6. We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions, including withdrawal of the service without prior notice or liability.

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